" Through their gift for storytelling and knowledge about the rich and interesting history of blues music, a Baza performance makes for a wonderful evening of edutainment." - Roger Plourde, Board of Directors, Granite State Blues Society

"Down the Dirt Road Blues"

A musical road trip featuring the "hard scrapple" country blues of the Mississippi Delta and the uptempo "rag" blues of the East Coast Piedmont.  A search and appreciation of the songs and playing styles of artists like Robert Johnson, Memphis Minnie, Ishman Bracey, Blind Boy Fuller, Rev. Gary Davis and others.

"Queen Bees"

Featuring the music, trials and tribulations of some of the greatest and most influential female blues artists of the 1920s including Bessie Smith, Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, Ida Cox, Lizzy Douglas a.k.a. "Memphis Minnie" and others.  This program sheds light on the contributions and successes of the "Queens" of the blues who paved the way for many of the male artists that followed.